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Date published: 2005/01/10

Cambridge University subsidises the Citi4 bus service which goes between the West Cambridge and Addenbrookes sites, so that university members can travel for free. University staff were sent an email:

A new citi4 timetable will be introduced on Monday 10 January. The published service frequency will change from 15 minutes to 20 minutes during peak hours (07.00-09.00 and from 16.00). The published off-peak service frequency will remain 15 minutes.
The revised timetable better reflects achievable bus travel times during peak hours and should result in a more reliable service.

Hmmm, the service is now less frequent for peak service than for off-peak service. Only in England. Sure, it takes longer to get from West Cambridge to Addenbrookes during the rush hour, but you want more buses on the road at that time, not less. How many buses there are on the road at once (i.e. their frequency) has nothing to do with the time it takes a bus to get from A to B.

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