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Date published: 2005/01/20

The BBC says:

George W Bush will display a more consensual approach to world politics as he begins his second term as US President, Tony Blair has said.

The prime minister said Mr Bush had learned military force was not the only way to fight terrorism.

He understood that "the best prospect of peaceful co-existence lies in the spread of democracy and human rights", Mr Blair told the Guardian newspaper.

It's hard to know who is more of a fantasist, Blair or Bush. Bush Term 2 will have the same kind of "smash and grab" policies as featured in Bush Term 1. Anybody who thinks Bush will become reasonable is deluded. If anything he will behave worse. He is single-handedly managing to sink the American empire.

Channel 4 News reported that John Kerry, the defeated Democrat, was booed at the inauguration of Bush. This is a perfect illustration of how the Republican scum behave (one could call them storm troopers only they are too fat, lazy and stupid to be capable of storming anything except the bar to get their next beer).

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