Azara Blog: The Power of Nightmares, Part 2

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Date published: 2005/01/20

Part 2 of The Power of Nightmares was not quite as scary as the Part 1 but did contain the following gem from Robert Bork:

In the Merck manual -- Merck is a pharmaceutical company -- they have a manual listing various disorders, and they listed "sociopath." And if you look at "sociopath," it describes Clinton exactly. Somebody who”s charming, who has no particular feeling at all for the people he”s charming, unable to resist instant gratification, and so on and so on. Goes right down the list. We had a very dysfunctional man in the Presidency. That was very dangerous, both as a model and as, if a crisis had arisen, I had no confidence that he would meet it.

The same description could apply to Tony Blair, George Bush, etc. Are all these people "sociopaths"? We are lucky Bork never became a Supreme Court judge, if this is the level of his intellect. (The point of the discourse was that the fundamentalist Republican nutters were trying to find any and all excuses to overthrow the Clinton presidency.)

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