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Date published: 2005/01/23

From an interview with Neil Kinnock in the The Financial Times (subscription service):

In response to a question about whether he enjoyed his time in Brussels, he launches into a list of his achievements. Particular emphasis is given to the introduction of the Galileo satellite navigation system, which Kinnock estimates will be worth "about $30bn a year to the European economy, and will savagely reduce, if not eliminate, some traffic problems".

The Americans are not very happy about Galileo, because it is a competitor of their own GPS system, and they feel militarily challenged by Galileo. The GPS can be nobbled by the Americans for military reasons and so it makes sense for the Europeans to have decided to build an independent system which provides excellent coverage for Europe. If Galileo works well (and since it is a European project it is not obvious it will work well) then the Americans will no doubt try and find excuses to shut it down. (If the political hysteria in future is still the same as it is today then the word "terrorist" will feature largely in their excuses.) One has to wonder if the first use of Star Wars technology will be to blast Galileo out of the skies. The only good competitor is a dead competitor.

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