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Date published: 2005/01/24

The BBC says:

Iran could build a nuclear bomb in less than three years, the head of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency has warned.

Speaking to MPs in Israel's parliament, the Knesset, Meir Dagan said Iran's nuclear programme was nearing the "point of no return".

If Iran successfully enriched uranium in 2005 it could have a nuclear weapon two years later, Mr Dagan said.

Iran says that it is developing a civilian nuclear energy programme, but the US and Israel reject this.

They maintain the Islamic state is using the energy programme as a front for a covert weapons programme.

Well the nutters that run the US and Israel have nuclear bombs, so why not the nutters that run Iran. The Iranians would be crazy not to be developing as many weapon systems as possible, given the explicit military threat to them from both the US and Israel. (Iraq never even came close to threatening the US and look what happened to them.) And unfortunately nothing stated by the US or Israel on this front is believable, since they have no reason to be honest and every reason to be dishonest.

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