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Date published: 2005/01/26

The BBC says:

Detention of foreign terror suspects without trial will be replaced with a range of new powers including house arrest, Charles Clarke has proposed.

The home secretary's planned "control orders" would also cover UK citizens. They follow a law lords ruling that the detentions broke human rights laws.
The proposed changes would mean the home secretary could order British citizens to be held under house arrest without putting them on trial.

They, or foreign suspects who cannot be deported, could also face lesser measures such as tagging, curfews, restrictions on their movements or limits on their use of telephones and the internet.

British citizens are being included in the changes after the law lords said the current powers were discriminatory because they could only be used on foreign suspects.

Mr Clarke also said intelligence reports showed some British nationals were now playing a more significant role in terror threats.

Human rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith condemned the plans as a "further abuse of human rights in Britain".

Mr Clarke said prosecutions were the government's first preference and promised the powers would only be used in "serious" cases, with independent scrutiny from judges.

He told MPs: "There remains a public emergency threatening the life of the nation."

There is no "emergency threatening the life of the nation", this is bogus government scare mongering. The biggest threat to the "life of the nation" is the current government. They should all be put under house arrest.

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