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Date published: 2005/01/28

Channel 4 News ran a story about Auschwitz last night where they twice mentioned it as being a "Polish" camp. Either the switchboard lit up or they were inundated with emails or someone in their own production team immediately spotted the goof, because Jon Snow made a correction at the end of the programme (they are generally good about doing that). Today they sent out a grovelling email. Too grovelling really, but anyway:

I am the Press and Publicity Manager for Channel 4 News and I wish to sincerely apologise for the insulting and regrettable mistake we made on air last night when references were made to Auschwitz being a 'Polish death camp'. This was unforgivable and unprofessional. We realise that such a terrible mistake is both offensive and of course completely inaccurate. The error in the script was spotted and Jon Snow made an on-air correction, making clear our error and that Auschwitz was of course a Nazi death camp located in occupied Poland. We realise this was far too little too late and hope that you accept our sincerest apologies. This is a mistake that simply should not have happened and we are very sorry.

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