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Date published: 2005/02/01

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Cambridge City Council has appointed two members to champion high quality design and the protection of historic buildings.

Coun Sian Reid will now be the council's Design Champion and Coun John Hipkin will be the Historic Environment Champion.

Coun Reid said: "Cambridge will experience major growth in the decade to come. It is critical that it becomes a shining example of high quality urban design.

"It is also important that any development is compatible with and respectful to the existing community."

Coun Hipkin said: "I want to see the people of Cambridge proud of and taking informed decisions about their historic environment.

"For example, now that the county and city councils have improved the streetscape of Kings Parade, and Kings College has refurbished its buildings, I'm keen to see the job finished by replacing the temporary street lights. In small things as in large, let's have something of which Cambridge can be proud."

King's Parade and the central area of Cambridge do not need champions. The dreadful planning control away from the central area could do with a fresh look. Unfortunately the city is the body responsible for this situation and as such these two councillors are likely just to be middle class control freaks who make things worse.

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