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Date published: 2005/02/02

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Proposals to move Marshall's military aircraft operations to the Mildenhall USAF base are set to be welcomed by councillors.

The American base, owned by the Ministry of Defence and still officially an RAF station, is one of five alternative sites identified in a consultant's report as a replacement for Marshall's Cambridge airfield, which is earmarked as a potential housing site.

Forest Heath District Council, which covers Mildenhall, is expected to approve the planned move "in principle" at a special meeting on Thursday.

Three massive hangars, one capable of taking C-17 Globemaster III transport planes flown by the RAF and USAF, are planned for a site at the end of the runway near West Row.

The farmland site would be separate from the USAF facilities, although the planes would use the same, recently rebuilt, runway as USAF tanker jets and transport planes.

Only Marshall's military aircraft work would be carried out at Mildenhall because the airfield is an operational base.

Marshall's is one of the most important Cambridge employers, particularly because it is a high-skill company which is not in the hot-today cold-tomorrow IT and biotech sectors, thus providing some diversity for the city. Unfortunately and unbelievably the Cambridge ruling elite have decided to ask Marshall's to get lost. Heck, some of Marshall's employees get their hands dirty and we can't possibly have that in precious Cambridge, where all jobs have to be "knowledge based". The arrogance of the university has spread to the arrogance of the city government and the city will live to regret this stupidity.

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