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Date published: 2005/02/04

The BBC says:

A European Parliament committee has ordered a rewrite of the proposals for controversial new European Union rules which govern computer-based inventions.

The Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) said the Commission should re-submit the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive after MEPs failed to back it.

It has had vocal critics who say it could favour large over small firms and impact open-source software innovation.

Supporters say it would let firms protect their inventions.
In the US, the patenting of computer programs and internet business methods is permitted.

The patent proposals are being driven by pressure from the US and in particular from large corporations, who are the main beneficiaries of the patent system, because they can use large teams of lawyers to bludgeon small businesses, independent of who is right or wrong. (It would not be so bad if the US patent office did a reasonable job of vetting patents.) The EU should tell the US to get lost (as on most issues these days).

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