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Date published: 2005/02/05

The Cambridge Evening News says:

THE fight to get the region's most dangerous road upgraded will be going to the Commons next week.

Jim Paice, Tory MP for South Cambridgeshire, has secured a half-hour Westminster debate on Wednesday evening, when he will demand action to improve the A14.

He is expected to tell Transport Secretary Alistair Darling, or one of his Junior Ministers, to pull their finger out and get on with the long-awaited improvements.

The A14 is continually in the news because of its high rate of accidents.

On Thursday the News reported a "day of carnage" with 12 people injured - four of them seriously - in a series of accidents on the A14 as well as the A10 and A428.

Mr Paice, his Huntingdon colleague Jonathan Djanogly and Cambridgeshire South MP, Andrew Lansley, have been applying for a special Adjournment Debate at the end of Commons' business every week since Christmas.

Now Mr Paice has got lucky and he will lead the call for action, backed up by his colleagues.

He wants the Government to urgently press ahead with improvements recommended three years ago by the Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi Modal Study, commonly known as CHUMMS.

This included a new dual carriage way section of the A14 to bypass Huntingdon, the widening to three lanes of much of the road north of Cambridge and improvements to the junction with the A10 to Ely and King's Lynn and the junction at the A1049 for Histon and Impington.

The A14 is a joke, but a tragic joke. It has got to be one of the worst designed roads anywhere, and far too small for the required capacity. Instead of upgrading the A14 the government is throwing money at a parallel road for buses only (on the old Cambridge - St Ives railway line). Needless to say if the A14 were functioning properly buses could use it as well, so building a separate road just for buses is poor design, but is a requirement driven by the anti-car mentality prevalent amongst the British ruling elite. Ministers and civil servants should be charged with governmental homicide every time someone dies on the A14, since their lack of action makes them directly responsible for the situation.

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