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Date published: 2005/02/05

The Financial Times says (subscription service):

Condoleezza Rice used her first overseas trip as US secretary of state on Friday to set a tough stance on Iran, warning the Islamic republic that it must abandon any attempt to build a nuclear weapon and end support for terrorism.

In London and Berlin, the first stops of her week-long tour of Europe and the Middle East, Ms Rice refused to rule out the possibility of an attack against Iran under a Bush presidency.

She made clear, however, that Washington had not given serious political consideration to military intervention.

"The question is simply not on the agenda at this point in time," she said during a press conference in London, adding: "We have many diplomatic tools still at our disposal and we intend to pursue them fully."

Asked how Washington might view an Israeli attack on an Iranian nuclear plant, a possibility raised recently by Vice-President Dick Cheney, Ms Rice replied: "The point is that the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon is deeply destabilising. It is destabilising to Iran's neighbours, for very good reasons. It would be destabilising for peace and security internationally.

"That is why there has been, I think, now very strong international consensus that Iran cannot be allowed to go down that route. . . . The European Three [have] given the Iranians an opportunity to demonstrate that they are serious about living up to their international obligations. They ought to take it."

Pot. Kettle. Black. The American government has done everything it can to hinder the "European Three" (France, Germany and the UK) in their negotiations with the Iranians. Bush has been a complete disaster at home (the US is heading for total bankruptcy) and the only way he can keep any credibility with his own people is to divert their attention by constantly creating international crises. And when America stops "destabilising for peace and security internationally" and starts "living up to their international obligations" perhaps the world will welcome it back into the league of nations instead of treating it like the rogue state it has become.

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