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Date published: 2005/02/12

The BBC says:

Voters have been given a direct line to Labour cabinet ministers during a pre-election cold-calling campaign.

When the telephone rang in selected homes on Saturday lunchtime, the unsuspecting recipient was told they could speak to a Cabinet minister.

John Reid, Charles Clarke, Patricia Hewitt and Ruth Kelly were Cabinet members who took part.

The unsuspecting people called had been identified as potential Labour voters by canvassers.

The technique, which comes from the United States, is one of several interactive campaigning methods being tried by Labour in the run-up to the next election.

Party leaders hope to by-pass the media and engage directly with voters by phone, e-mail and text message.

How obnoxious can you get. "We don't care what you think because we are the rulers, but since there's an election coming we'll cold call you and pretend we care. Could you do with any double glazing?"

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