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Date published: 2005/02/15

The BBC says:

The number of firms finding it hard to recruit skilled workers has risen by 50% in a decade, figures suggest.

A survey of 6,000 businesses by the British Chambers of Commerce found 43% reported difficulties, compared with 29% in 1994.

Director general David Frost said employers were "frustrated" at young people "not equipped" with skills.

The government will respond to plans to reform secondary education - including vocational training - next week.
Mr Frost said: "The system is simply not providing potential employees with the right skills for business and our figures show it has been failing for many years.

"The skills of our workforce are already lagging behind many of our global competitors.

"The government must implement lasting reform in its proposals next week or our competitive edge could be seriously harmed. Businesses cannot wait any longer."

A poll of CBI members last year found 37% were not satisfied with school leavers' English and maths skills.

And 46% were unimpressed by young people's "self-management" skills.

Businesses always complain about lack of "skills". Well they could try and teach required skills to their own workforce. Once upon a time many businesses used to have apprenticeships but that is now rare. However it is interesting that school exam results keep getting better and better but the amount students know when entering Cambridge University keeps decreasing.

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