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Date published: 2005/02/16

The BBC says:

US aircraft firm Boeing has unveiled its new long-distance 777 plane, as it tries to regain its position as the industry's leading manufacturer.

The 777-200LR will be capable of flying almost 11,000 miles non-stop, linking cities such as London and Sydney.

Boeing, in contrast to European rival Airbus, hopes airlines will want to fly smaller aircraft over longer distances.

Airbus, which overtook Boeing as the number one civilian planemaker in 2003, is focusing on so-called super jumbos.

Analysts are divided over which approach is best and say that this latest tussle between Boeing and Airbus may prove to be a defining moment for the airline industry.

Boeing plans to offer twin-engine planes that are able to fly direct to many of the world's airports, getting rid of the need for connecting flights.

On the day when the Kyoto Protocol comes into force it is only fitting to have a story about airplanes written by the BBC without any hint of irony.

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