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Date published: 2005/02/16

The BBC says:

The Kyoto accord, which aims to curb the air pollution blamed for global warming, has come into force seven years after it was agreed.

The accord requires countries to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Some 141 countries, accounting for 55% of greenhouse gas emissions, have ratified the treaty, which pledges to cut these emissions by 5.2% by 2012.

But the world's top polluter - the US - has not signed up to the treaty.

The US says the changes would be too costly to introduce and that the agreement is flawed.

Large developing countries including India, China and Brazil are not required to meet specific targets for now.

It's hard to know whether this will be remembered as the day that saved the world or the day that sunk it. Or just perhaps it will all be forgotten in twenty years when the world focuses on the next hysteria. The treaty is flawed (partially thanks to the US) but it's the only game in town, which is why so many so-called environmentalists support it. Hopefully this will not just turn out to be a treaty where the rich people of the rich world have gotten together with the rich people of the poor world to decide how much the poor people of the rich world are going to get hammered for the alleged benefit of the poor people of the poor world.

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