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Date published: 2005/02/16

The BBC says:

Teachers supervising school trips have been reassured they will not be liable to prosecution over accidents - as long as they have followed guidelines.

Education Secretary Ruth Kelly wants teachers to continue school trips - and not to fear legal action.

"Staff who take reasonable care and follow employer guidelines are ... protected by the law," says guidance issued by the education department.
Guidelines for out-of-school trips are to be published in the summer - and they will emphasise that: "Staff who take reasonable care, and follow employer guidelines are, in the event of any unfortunate accident, protected by the law."

"By carrying out straightforward, compulsory safety checks teachers can protect both pupils and staff on a school visit and minimise the risk of litigation," says the education department.

Unfortunately the dreadful American legal attitude has made it to the UK, so teachers have and will no doubt continue to be held liable for accidents on school trips (where kids will be kids and goof off), no matter what the government says. You would have to be crazy to take kids out on a school trip, it's not worth the risk. Ruth Kelly and her civil servants will not be the ones facing legal action.

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