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Date published: 2005/02/22

The BBC says:

The residents of Edinburgh have voted against the introduction of congestion charging in the city by a margin of about three to one.

About 290,000 residents were asked if they were in favour of cordons, similar to those in London and what is under consideration in Bristol.

More than 74% of those who voted rejected the council's plan.

The turnout for the postal ballot was 61.8%. There were 133,678 votes against the proposal and 45,965 in favour.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Council said there were no plans to revisit the issue.

The plan was to charge motorists £2 a day to enter the congestion zone with fines of £60 for those who did not pay up.

A victory for the people over the chattering classes, but quite astounding it was by such a big margin. Of course what was proposed was not a "congestion" charge, it was an access charge (the same as in London). The proponents of such schemes are so dishonest they cannot even call it by the correct name. The chattering classes of London got away with introducing the charge because they did not bother asking the voters, they just did it by decree. (Of course the chattering classes who run London claim the scheme is a great success, but that's because they only ask other members of the chattering classes.) It just goes to show what happens when you let the people decide, they just can't be trusted, can they. Time to go back to ruling by decree. We can't possibly have those horrid working class people independently mobile.

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