Azara Blog: Owning uninsured vehicles a criminal offence

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Date published: 2005/02/23

The BBC says:

Owning an uninsured vehicle should become a criminal offence, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has said.

At present, it is not an offence to own an uninsured vehicle only to be caught on the roads driving without insurance.

Combining vehicle registration details with insurance industry records could allow uninsured owners to be fined through the post, the ABI said.

More special pleading from an organisation standing to profit (surprise, surprise) from the suggested change. The way the BBC reports the idea it is particularly stupid. Many people keep derelict cars for spare parts, are these really supposed to be insured? The ABI presumably only means the suggestion to apply to those cars that are taxed. (If you own an off-road car that is not taxed you are supposed to declare it. But it's hard to imagine anyone getting excited about a derelict car that has not been so declared.)

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