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Date published: 2005/02/26

As seems to be coming more common, there are currently several mega-exhibitions on in London. The Royal Academy has perhaps the biggest and the best, "Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600". Rooms and rooms full of carpets, books, tiles, art, swords, etc. It is refreshing to see Islamic culture featured in something other than politically whipped hysteria about terrorism. (Of course the only people who will see the exhibition are not going to be islamo-phobic in the first place.)

Meanwhile, over at Tate Britain is an exhibition entitled "Turner Whistler Monet". Tate Britain has the best Turner collection in the world and as an indication of that, most of it was not in the exhibition but in the normal galleries. The exhibition has a large selection of Monets, including multiple copies of single themes, which are rare to see side-by-side. Monet will probably be the main attraction for British viewers. Unfortunately, in the companionship of Turner and Monet, poor old Whistler comes up rather short, but it is still nice to see a big selection of his work.

At the National Gallery a Caravaggio exhibition has opened in the last few days (his late work), and in a week an exhibition of Matisse textiles will open at the Royal Academy, and later in March an Arts and Crafts exhibition will open at the Victoria and Albert Museum (presumably much of that will be from their own extensive collection). Actually, the V&A seems to be living in a kind of time warp. They do not search your bags on the way in (for bombs), they search them on the way out (for stolen artifacts). How quaint, obviously Tony Blair has not managed to impress enough on them that there is a terrorist under every bed, just waiting to wreck havoc on the life of the nation.

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