Azara Blog: Cycling ban in Cambridge city centre to be lifted

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Date published: 2005/02/28

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Labour councillors have failed to get a rethink on the lifting of the highly-controversial city centre cycle ban.

As reported in the News in January, Lib Dem councillors on Cambridge City Council voted to lift the controversial ban for a trial period starting this summer. There were protests from cyclists when the ban was put in place in 1993.

At a recent full council meeting at the Guildhall, Labour councillors tried to get the issue looked at again saying it had not been properly debated, but they were voted down.

The decision to lift the ban came unexpectedly and Labour councillors say they were not given the time to look at the proposals properly.

Under the new plan there will be an 18-month trial with no ban in the city centre and a public consultation then councillors will decide whether to lift the ban permanently.
Lib Dem Coun Jenny Bailey said: "Most of us are OK and we cycle safely but there are a few people who are poor cyclists and they have a bit of an attitude.

"These people flout the ban anyway. This council encourages cycling, it is at the core of many things we do."

Lib Dem Coun Colin Rosenstiel said: "This ban has been internationally ridiculed. Twenty eight per cent of the people travelling to work in this city cycle - that is not just the highest in the country it is nearly double the second highest.

"Encouraging cycling is in the interests of the future of our city."

Won't it be nice when the UK gets rid of Blair so that Cambridge can get rid of its LibDem masters. "Most of us are OK and we cycle safely". How dumb a remark can you get. On that excuse they ought to let cars back into the city centre as well. And what evidence does Bailey have for her claim other than prejudice or the small sample of her and her chattering class friends (who are obviously model citizens, all of them)? Rosenstiel's silly observations are no better. If there is "international ridicule" then that is perhaps because international observers haven't a clue what the centre of Cambridge is like and so speak from a position of ignorance. Rosenstiel is supposed to put the interests of the citizens of Cambridge above the presumed opinions of the chattering classes of some far-off land. And the promised consultation will be as fatuous as all the other consultations have been in the past. In particular, here the only question is whether enough pedestrians write in to complain to overcome the "stuff-the-ballot-box" effort that the Cambridge Cycling Campaign will presumably organise to try and get cyclists to be over-represented in the outcome.

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