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Date published: 2005/04/02

The first sunny and warm weekend day in Cambridge of 2005. Of course there will be more cold weather to come, so not yet really the first day of summer, but it felt like it. There are a fair number of bumble bees to be seen this year, but even better, the number of ladybirds (ladybugs) seems to have gone back to a respectable level after years of relative scarcity. Mind you, the female ladybirds seem not to have been as interested in the next generation as the male ladybirds digligently following them around, so next year might not be so good again.

It was a graduation day at the university in Cambridge today (there are many of these days each year) and the weather could not have been better. So lots of happy (and not just proud) parents. And the Clare College cherry tree (pictured in 2000) was near its best today. It really needs to be seen against a blue sky, as it was in the late morning today, to be appreciated at its fullest potential, and this is because of its appealing combination with the cupola of the Clare chapel.

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