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Date published: 2005/04/06

The BBC says:

Plans for a windfarm between the villages of Boxworth and Connington have been unanimously rejected by South Cambridgeshire District councillors.

At a meeting on Wednesday council members rejected the plans.

Local residents from the Stop Cambridge Wind Farm Group have been campaigning against the windfarm since the plans were submitted last August.

The application for 16 330ft tall wind turbines was put forward by Suffolk-based firm Your Energy.

All 28 members of the council's development committee voted against the plans.

Mike Barnard, spokesman for the Stop Cambridge Wind Farm Group, told the BBC: "Planners had recommended refusal on a number of grounds.

"Those grounds were fairly serious including A14 safety, noise, landscape, the effect on wildlife and Cambridge Airport objected due to problems with radar.

"Each of those is grounds for refusal in their own right."

The company has three months to appeal against the decision.

Needless to say the opponents of the windfarm are largely NIMBYs and this illustrates perfectly well the problems with planning applications in the UK. People who are affected adversely by infrastructure developments are never properly compensated for their financial losses, and so obviously are going to vociferously oppose them. The so-called environmentalists are happy to talk about externalised costs when it comes to roads, but funnily enough not when it comes to one of their pet technologies, wind farms. It is not too surprising that South Cambs council turned this down because they have to answer to the NIMBYs, who are their constituents, and there is no great benefit to Cambridgeshire from having a wind farm so close. Should "Your Energy" appeal the decision, they will almost certainly get a much more sympathetic hearing higher up because the people making those decisions don't care about the locals at all, and accept that national interests are going to override local interests. This is how development happens in the UK. Not very well. (And any company that is called "Your Energy" is bound to make one suspicious. It's not your energy, it's their energy, and they are the ones who are going to make money out of it.)

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