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Date published: 2005/04/07

Both the LibDems and Labour have dropped leaflets through the letterbox today. (Nothing from the Tories yet, but they are no hopers in Cambridge.) Labour has the better computer system, their leaflet was addressed personally.

The LibDem leaflet, not surprisingly, says pretty much the same as the one they dropped off a couple of days ago. Tony Blair (helpfully pictured with George Bush) cannot be trusted, the LibDems would not support an invasion of Syria or Iran, the Council Tax is unfair, pensioners deserve more money, class sizes should be smaller, the LibDems want to tax "high-polluting" cars more (this already happens via the petrol tax, but the UK ruling elite choose to ignore this fact in their anti-car crusade), and (their favourite theme) Cambridge is a two-horse race between Labour and the LibDems.

The Labour leaflet trumpets the successes of the Labour government. "Record numbers of people in work", "low inflation and interest rates", "28000 more teachers, 19000 more doctors, 67000 more nurses, 12500 more police" (never trust stastics, especially from a politician). "The Tories have not learnt from their mistakes" (fair enough), "the LibDems would put our taxes up" (probably not much more than Labour has done). Needless to say, just don't mention the war.

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