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Date published: 2005/04/08

The BBC says:

Scientists have produced powerful evidence that a Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables and fruit and low in saturated fats can help us live longer.

It has long been thought that the diet can help to improve general health.

But a major pan-Europe study of 74,607 men and women aged over 60 has shown closely following the diet can actually extend life by up to one year.

The study, led by University of Athens Medical School, is published in the British Medical Journal.

The researchers collected information on areas including diet, lifestyle, medical history, smoking and physical activity.

The men and women were each given a score based on adherence to a Mediterranean diet, with higher scores for those who ate the most foods linked to such a diet.

The researchers found that overall a higher dietary score was linked to a lower overall death rate.

A classic example of confusing correlation and causation. The people who eat a "Mediterranean" diet are more likely to live near the Mediterranean, and there could be loads of other reasons for these people to have longer lives, including better weather and genetic factors. It's hard to believe the BBC gives this study so much credit.

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