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Date published: 2005/04/11

The LibDems continue with their attempt to take Cambridge. A canvasser stopped by on Saturday to ask about voting intentions. He was happy to hear that the LibDems were the likely choice but not so happy to hear that their candidate (David Howarth) is rather weak (or at least comes across that way). When asked how the canvassing was going, he was not willing to express great optimism about the outcome, so perhaps Cambridge will remain a Labour seat. But the LibDems are obviously the keenest, at least in Arbury.

On Sunday yet another LibDem leaflet dropped in through the letterbox. (This one entitled "Focus on Arbury", April 2005.) Not surprisingly it's much the same as all their previous leaflets (a rather big waste of paper), even though it's half-pretending to be a general local rather than election leaflet.

Meanwhile the national campaigns continue, and a real yawn it is. The Labour election broadcast (made with help from director Anthony Minghella) was all about Tony Blair and Gordon Brown trying to pretend they are good chums. All a bit unbelievable. And also lots to make you reach for the sick bag. For example, Gordon Brown says "Every child is precious, every child is unique, every child is special". And Tony Blair for some reason did not add "And that's why we need to get the DNA fingerprint of every child at birth, so we can nab the buggers when they start committing crime."

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