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Date published: 2005/04/12

The BBC says:

Environmental campaigners have called for the BBC's Top Gear programme to be scrapped as they claim it promotes irresponsible driving. But how fair is this criticism?

For many motoring enthusiasts it is among the highlights of the television week.

But, with its irreverent style and penchant for high-speed stunts, Top Gear attracts fans and critics in equal measure.

Now the BBC Two programme has come under fire from the Transport 2000 pressure group, which has called for it to be taken off the air and replaced with a show that promotes "sensible driving in sensible vehicles".
[ Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond ] stressed that Top Gear aims to provide "entertaining television" for motoring enthusiasts, whereas the programme mooted by Transport 2000 "wouldn't be watched for more than a week".

Why is the BBC giving any air time to Transport 2000? (They should be called Transport 1950 since they obviously think that is the era of transport system that we should have: all buses and trains and no cars.) Transport 2000 hate cars and so for them "sensible driving" means "no driving". Top Gear has some stupid moments but the idea that the unelected and unaccountable control freaks in Transport 2000 should decide what is and is not on TV is frightening. Unfortunately the BBC website gives far more time to anti-car nutters than it does to car enthusiasts.

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