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Date published: 2005/04/13

The BBC says:

Tony Blair has urged voters to make Labour's changes last "for all time" as he launched their election manifesto.

His programme for a third term includes a pledge not to increase the basic or top rate of income tax, but says nothing about National Insurance.

After eight years in power, Mr Blair says he is fighting his last election.

What a boring (and long) manifesto it is. "More of the same" sums it up. And full of the usual New Labour jargon and misleading statistics.

If the last term is anything to go by, then expect increases in National Insurance (NI) to help plug the black hole in public finances that has now developed courtesy of Gordon Brown refusing to balance the books. NI is an income tax, only it is not called an income tax. It is a particularly insidious income tax because it only applies to income earned by working. So if you spend 40 or 50 hours a week slaving on an NHS ward then you have to pay it. But if you make your money renting out houses or playing the stock market then you do not have to pay it. Go figure. The Labour Party is an anti-Labour Party. (Well Blair is a Tory in all but name.)

Amazingly the manifesto mentions the word "Iraq" ten times. (Not to apologise for misleading the nation into an unnecessary war, or for putting the interests of the US government above the interests of the citizens of Britain.) But no mention of "Bush".

Some selected quotes.

Labour will be the next government so we will all have to put up with this crap. Our only hope is that their majority is vastly reduced so they will be not be able to inflict too much damage on the country, especially with regard to civil liberties. At least in four years we will be rid of Blair (well, he is a serial liar so you never know).

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