Azara Blog: Nuclear power is no go in Britain

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Date published: 2005/04/18

The BBC says:

None of the UK's three main parties will take the lead in the debate on building new nuclear power stations.

Many energy experts say the issue must be raised soon if Britain is to start construction of new plants to meet its power production and climate targets.

But the parties do not believe the next government will have a responsibility to promote the nuclear argument.

Labour and the Tories say that it is down to industry to make a case - which the Lib Dems think is unwinnable.

"This is about industry coming forward with proposals," said Lord Sainsbury, who has held the science and innovation ministerial brief under Labour.

"We have said we will keep the nuclear option open; we're putting the money in to make certain we have the research and trained people available if there is a change in the situation, but, in the first instance, it is for industry to come forward and then we will have that public debate."

This is just saying that no nuclear power stations are going to be built in the UK. The chattering classes (including the so-called environmentalists) long ago gave up on nuclear power, and if government has no interest then why would industry waste millions of pounds just in case. The politicians are being disingenous if they are trying to pretend otherwise.

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