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Date published: 2005/04/23

The Tories have finally gotten around to dropping off their first election leaflets in Arbury. One of them says we should vote for Ian Lyon. The leaflet does not say what position he is running for, but presumably it must be for Westminister as an MP, rather than in local government, since the leaflet is fairly glossy. You have to pity more Mr Lyon, he is going to finish third at best. And does he have any connection with Cambridge? The second leaflet is about the local election (also taking place on 5 May), and is less slick, including a photograph of the candidate which is way out of focus.

Meanwhile the LibDems have dropped off yet another election leaflet. For a party that pretends to be "green", they are wasting a heck of a lot of energy promulgating their propaganda. This leaflet is almost identical to previous ones (again under the title "Cambridge Herald", trying to pretend that it is an independent newsletter). Except that the LibDems are obviously worried that the Greens (the political party, not any particular so-called environmentalists) are going to steal crucial votes: "People thinking of voting Green in Cambridge could end up helping Tony Blair get his MP re-elected." (Anne Campbell being "his MP".)

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