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Date published: 2005/04/25

The BBC says:

A re-elected Labour government would put nuclear power back on the agenda in an effort to meet targets on climate change, government sources have said.

The sources told BBC News Tony Blair wanted a national debate on the issue.

He would raise the issue when ministers responded to a climate change policy review in June or July, they said.

The Tories say there should be new nuclear stations provided they meet cost and waste concerns but the Lib Dems oppose the idea.

Mr Blair has said his policy has not changed since the energy White Paper two years ago, which left nuclear power on the back burner.

But a senior source told BBC News Mr Blair would raise the issue in June or July, when the government has to respond to its climate change policy review.

The government says the UK is on course to meet the Kyoto targets on climate change but has admitted it is slipping behind its own tougher targets.

As usual "senior source" is the silly terminology for a Blair spokesperson, who cannot be identified because the UK is a country where government hides behind curtains next to the Wizard of Oz. When Tony Blair says he wants a "national debate" it means he has made up his mind and is waiting to see if the opposing interests manage to muster enough of the media and in Whitehall in their favour. Since the so-called environmentalists are good at scare-mongering and mostly hate nuclear power, and the media generally gives them a free pass, Blair is almost certainly onto a loser here, especially if Gordon Brown and the Treasury do the sums and decide nuclear power is a financial black hole (it has been in the past).

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