Azara Blog: UK general election to be monitored by international observers

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Date published: 2005/05/01

The BBC says:

The general election will be the first ever poll in the UK to be monitored by a team from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Kare Vollan, who will head the OSCE assessment mission, said his team would report on the "total election process", including postal voting. The OSCE usually monitors elections in transition democracies, but is now starting to look at traditional ones.

And so they should. It is worth monitoring all national elections, even in so-called democracies. It is particularly important to do so in the US, where the last two presidential elections have had notorious problems (and previous ones have not been ideal). The main problem in Britain is expected to be with postal voting, and perhaps an international organisation can embarrass the next government into doing something to improve the process.

Meanwhile, with the election drawing near, the LibDems tonight had the most amusing of the television election broadcasts. It was all about the boy who cried wolf (car registration plate "WMD 0").

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