Azara Blog: Head teachers think parents should be nannied

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Date published: 2005/05/01

The BBC says:

Head teachers are calling for new mothers to attend weekly sessions to learn how to bring up their children.

David Gray, a head teacher from Devon, said they would learn to teach a child the difference between "yes" and "no".

Research showed that parents who played and talked with their babies improved their chances in life, he added.
"How much better then it would be if the local education authority provided weekly sessions which mothers and babies from all social levels would be expected to attend."

Experts could be on hand to discuss any concerns.

Mothers who did not attend should lose their child benefit, he went on.

Wow, children do better if they are stimulated, who would have thought that. Give those researchers a bonus.

The proposal for parenting lessons is a logical outcome of parents expecting more and more handouts from the State. The State in return is liable to ask for more in return. But you can just imagine the dreadfully patronising advice the "experts" will give the parents (and these consultants will no doubt each charge a thousand pounds per day, since they are so "expert"). Control Freak Britain writ large.

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