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Date published: 2005/05/09

The BBC says:

A system giving students extra marks if they have suffered personal trauma is being defended by an exams authority.

GCSE and A-level pupils in England are given 5% more if a parent dies close to exam day or 4% for a distant relative.

They get 2% more if a pet dies or 1% if they get a headache. Critics say the system panders to an "excuse for everything" attitude.

But the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) says taking such events into consideration is "nothing new".

What sounds like a good idea in theory is a bit ridiculous in practise. Why 5% for the death of a parent? Why 2% for the death of a pet (on the exam day itself, 1% ahead of time)? It's all completely arbitrary. And you can just imagine all the time (and so money) wasted coming up with this system. More education bureaucrats who need to be sacked.

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