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Date published: 2005/05/15

The Cambridge Evening News says:

The firm behind plans for a major windfarm next to the A14 is trying to resurrect the controversial project after it was turned down by planners.

When nearby residents heard that the planning application for 16 wind turbines on farmland between Boxworth and Connington had been turned down by South Cambridgeshire District Council, they thought they had heard the last of the plan.

But Your Energy, the company behind the plan, has now decided to appeal against the council's decision. A public inquiry will have to be held and a Government inspector will decide whether to overturn the decision.

This is not very surprising. Many developers put in lots of planning applications, many of those get turned down by local planning committees, and then those decisions get appealed to central government. If a reasonable fraction of the appeals succeed (and it is a lottery) then the developer gets to cash in his chips and the locals in the affected areas get shafted. It's the same with housing estates as with windfarms.

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