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Date published: 2005/05/16

The BBC says:

A number of Greenpeace protesters have been arrested after a protest that has disrupted production at a Land Rover factory in the West Midlands.

Some 35 members of the environmental action group breached security at the plant in Solihull on Monday morning.

Greenpeace said the action was in protest at what it claims are the "climate-wrecking" emissions from Range Rovers, Land Rover's premium model.

Land Rover said only a "small part" of the plant had been affected.

Two senior Greenpeace officers are understood to be among those arrested.

"The action taken by Greenpeace... is both regrettable and damaging - Land Rover is a leading British business and exports over 70% of its production, and contributes significantly to the country's wealth creation," a company spokesman said.
Greenpeace said that although "climate change is the greatest threat the planet is facing" Land Rover "continues to make gas-guzzling vehicles, most of which will tackle nothing steeper than a speed bump".

"Making cars like this for urban use is crazy when 150,000 people are dying every year from climate change," said Greenpeace's Ben Stewart.
The Transport and General Workers' Union (T&G) criticised Greenpeace's action at the Land Rover plant, describing it as "insensitive and potentially dangerous".

The comfortable middle class in action. When the youth of the country behave like this the prime minister talks about the "yob culture". But when the middle class do the same, somehow it's all ok. Perhaps Greenpeace will next target the commuter trains running from, say, Bristol to London, imagine wasting all that energy every day just going to and from work every day, how "crazy" can you get.

And in fact using a car like a Land Rover in most towns makes more sense than in most rural settings, because, thanks to the very same middle class, the roads in towns have been seriously downgraded because of "traffic calming" devices like speed bumps, which wreck suspensions on ordinary cars.

And needless to say, Greenpeace would be perfectly happy if most of British business went bust, and we all went back to living in caves. Throw these pests in prison, where they belong.

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