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Date published: 2005/05/17

The BBC says:

Plans to better protect and manage wildlife and habitats and to increase support for rural communities have been unveiled in the Queen's Speech.

These will be contained in the Natural Environment and Rural Communities bill.

Landscapes will also be enhanced and conserved to build thriving rural towns and villages - plans outlined last year in the government's Rural Strategy.

Under the bill, a single body, called Natural England, will be created to manage the environment.

This will be created by fusing English Nature, parts of the Countryside Agency and most of the Rural Development Service. The new organisation will be established by January 2007, subject to parliamentary agreement.

The government says this would establish a powerful champion for landscape and conservation working "for people, places and nature" and will be responsible for issues of access, recreation and quality of life.

The bill will also establish a new Commission for Rural Communities to act as an advocate and watchdog for rural people and to ensure government policy delivers improvements for them.

This reads like a memo from "Yes Minister", how can anyone write this kind of drivel (e.g. "Natural England") without laughing. And they forgot to mention cricket and warm beer.

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