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Date published: 2005/05/18

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Addenbrooke's Hospital has been condemned for having too many mobile phone masts on its roof.

Thirty masts and dishes are on the roof of the main ward block. The hospital says there is no risk to patients or staff from the equipment, but pressure group Mast Sanity disagrees.

Communications director, Karen Barratt, said: "Thirty is a lot of masts and, given the sensitivity of the site, on a hospital, that is completely unacceptable.

"There is increasing evidence to suggest there are serious health implications from this technology . . . they should be looking to find ways to have masts removed from the premises."
Anti-mast campaigners say the hospital could be charging up to £100,000 a year to allow the masts to be sited there.

All part of the rampant anti-commercial and anti-technology attitude prevelant amongst the chattering classes of Britain. Why are thirty masts too many? Where do they suggest these masts get removed to? Is it wrong that the hospital is perhaps making 100k per year from the masts, would 50k or 200k be better?

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