Azara Blog: Dolphins to be tracked via radio

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Date published: 2005/05/19

The BBC says:

Dusky dolphins living off the coast of Cape Town are about to be issued with mobile phone technology.

It will not be handsets though and, despite their sophisticated ability to communicate, they will not be chatting or texting each other.

Instead they will have collars imbedded with a mobile phone SIM card to keep track of their movements.

Mobile phone technology is revolutionising the way animals - both on land and sea - are tracked.

Some 200 animals in Africa, including elephants, zebras and baboons, are now tracked via SIM cards, which is a much cheaper technology than using a satellite system.

Is this obnoxious or what? How would the scientists like a collar permanently around their necks? And do they know the collar and the radio signals aren't affecting the way dolphins move about?

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