Azara Blog: South Korean scientists make stem cell breakthrough

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Date published: 2005/05/20

The BBC says:

South Korean scientists say they have made stem cells tailored to match the individual for the first time.

Each of the 11 new stem cell lines that they made were created by taking genetic material from the patient and putting it into a donated egg.

The resultant cells were a perfect match for the individual and could mean treatments for diseases like diabetes without problems of rejection.

The study, published in Science, has been hailed as a major advance.

Meanwhile, UK scientists at Newcastle University announced they had successfully produced a cloned embryo using donated eggs and genetic material from stem cells.

Although a long way behind the Korean research, it was the first time a human cloned embryo had been created in Britain.

Critics said these "cloning" techniques are unethical.

Only time will tell how important all this work is, but it is certainly an advance in basic science, if not (yet) in medicine. Needless to say, the religious nutters will object to all this research, but as with most other scientific advances in the past, those who turn their back are left behind, and their society declines. It is a good example of Asia moving to the fore because of the all too influential sway of the religious nutters and other anti-scientific cliques (e.g. the so-called environmentalists) in the West.

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