Azara Blog: Amnesty International release annual report on human rights

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Date published: 2005/05/25

The BBC says:

Governments around the world betrayed their commitment to human rights in 2004, Amnesty International says.

In a 300-page annual report, the group accused the US government of damaging human rights with its attitude to torture and treatment of detainees.

This granted "a licence to others to commit abuse with impunity", the human rights advocates said.

The report also criticised the world as a whole for failing to act over crises, notably in Sudan's Darfur region.

Afghanistan was slipping into a "downward spiral of lawlessness and instability", it added.

The report, published on Wednesday, accused governments of adhering stubbornly to "politically convenient" but inefficient tactics to address terrorism in 2004, despite a lack of success.

What ever happened to Amnesty International? Does anyone care about them any more? Everyone knows the US government uses torture and this is bound to be bad for human rights around the world. The US government doesn't care what anybody thinks, never mind Amnesty International. The US is run by a bunch of power mad religious nutters who think God allows them to kill anybody and everybody who gets in their way. (Funny that they oppose abortion on the ground that human life is sacred.)

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