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Date published: 2005/05/25

The BBC says:

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has said his fears over climate change prompted him to back a Friends of the Earth campaign to reduce carbon emissions.

The Big Ask campaign urges ministers to bring in new laws to reduce British CO2 emissions by 3% a year.

Mr Yorke said: "A 3% reduction in carbon emissions year on year is the only sane solution to this problem."

An NOP survey for Friends of the Earth suggests 73% of people think ministers are not doing enough on climate change.

Rich rocks stars are part of the problem (as are rich people in general). They are not part of the solution. Let them reduce their excessive consumption before pontificating about the environment. The Big Ask website (subsumed into the FOE website it seems) is relatively content free. But that is par for the course. And with all surveys, you can get the answers you want if you ask the questions with the slant you want. Ask people whether they are willing to take a 50% pay cut (directly, or indirectly via higher costs for goods and services), for the benefit of the environment. You might get a different answer. Of course, as usual, the BBC publishes what reads like a press release without question.

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