Azara Blog: The Dutch also tell the EU to get lost

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Date published: 2005/06/01

The BBC says:

Voters in the Netherlands have overwhelmingly rejected the proposed European Union constitution.

Provisional final results indicated that 61.6% of voters said "No" to the charter and 38.4% approved it.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, who campaigned for a "Yes" vote, said he would respect the result.

The vote deals what could be a decisive blow to the constitution, which was also rejected by French voters in a referendum at the weekend.

Allegedly the Dutch have at least been more rational than the French in their (more decisive) vote to reject the constitution. Supposedly some people resent the Netherlands being a net contributor to the EU (well, they are not unique, and some countries have to be), some resent EU intrusion on national laws (but hard to know if the constitution would make that better or worse), some resent EU expansion (especially if Turkey comes in, because the Dutch are going through an openly anti-Muslim phase right now), and who knows what else.

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