Azara Blog: Endangered species allegedly at risk in eastern Europe

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Date published: 2005/06/02

The BBC says:

A list of the 800 most important sites for wild plants in central and Eastern Europe has been published by the charity, Plantlife International.

Many of the sites contain endangered species yet a fifth is without legal protection.

Agriculture, forestry and tourism are the main threats to "Europe's last areas of wilderness," says the report.

If they cannot be saved "we risk a spiritual impoverishment such as no generation has known before", it says.

Hundreds of specialists from academic institutions and non-governmental organisations identified the best sites for wild plants, fungi and their habitat in seven countries.

They were Belarus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The report also looked at the threats to each internationally important site for wild plants (IPA).

Another "end of the world" report. Only a fifth of the sites being without legal protection does not sound like very many. And does England suffer from "spiritual impoverishment" because the wilderness areas here have long since disappeared? And it should be up to the governments of eastern Europe to decide how to manage their countryside, not NGOs with their own selective agendas.

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