Azara Blog: Heathrow Airport set for further expansion

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Date published: 2005/06/06

The BBC says:

Draft plans to build a third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow Airport are due to be published on Monday.

They outline £7bn of development over the next decade, and propose the demolition of up to 700 houses.

The new development could see annual passenger numbers rise from 67m to around 116m by 2030.

BAA Heathrow believes there is a "strong economic case" for building a sixth terminal, but campaigners say it will increase noise and pollution.

A fifth terminal at Heathrow, with an overall budget of £4.2bn, is due to open in 2008.
Under the proposals, a boundary for the third runway could include up to 700 houses.

But John Stewart, chairman of local residents' pressure group Hacan, said a third runway would "bring more noise, more pollution, and people will lose their homes".

"It's also not necessary for the economy. Unemployment is at an all-time low in west London.

"People would have to be brought in to fill the jobs and the infrastructure cannot support that."

An expected development, given the recent government White Paper on airport expansion. The idea that the airport is "not necessary for the economy" because of low unemployment is bizarre. Unfortunately it will be the case, as with all such major developments, that just having the proposal on the table will blight the local community until the decision is made one way or the other, which will take years. This is one of the many unfortunate consequences of how planning is done in the UK. And those affected will not be properly compensated.

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