Azara Blog: Science academies want action on climate change

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Date published: 2005/06/07

The BBC says:

The science academies of the world's leading nations are urging their governments to take prompt action to combat possible climate change.

They have agreed that all countries could and should take cost-effective action to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The unprecedented statement will be issued on Wednesday by the academies of the G8 nations, including the US National Academy, and China and Brazil.

World leaders attending July's G8 meeting in Scotland have received it.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is to hold talks in the US with George W Bush on Tuesday to discuss the issues at the top of the G8 agenda - aid to Africa and measures to target global warming.

Mr Bush has consistently stressed the uncertainties of climate science.

But the statement will make it much harder for him to scorn the scientific consensus.

Bush could care less about the scientific consensus. If the Bible mentioned climate change he might believe it, otherwise not. And no doubt in 100 years most of the ideas behind the scientific consensus will have been shown to be wrong (as happens to almost all scientific theories). The problem is that this is the only game in town right now. There is probably some of the "herd" instinct in all this consensus (you could never get a job in most of academia if you did not follow it) but that does not mean it is all wrong.

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