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Date published: 2005/07/01

The BBC says:

Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court and a crucial centrist, is to retire.

Ms O'Connor, 75, has often cast the deciding vote on the nine-member court, leading some US commentators to call her the most powerful woman in America.

She is the first Supreme Court justice to retire since 1994, giving George W Bush his first chance to name a judge.

The former Arizona politician was nominated by Ronald Reagan to serve on the court and took up her seat in 1981.

In a statement at the White House, President Bush praised Ms O'Connor as a "discerning and diligent judge", who has earned universal respect.

He said he would consult with senators to find a successor, and said he would be "deliberate and thorough" in his search.

The president's nomination to the court must be approved by the Senate.

Speculation has mounted that Mr Bush will now nominate a conservative to the court in an effort to tilt the balance of opinion on the bench.

"Speculation has mounted"? Who is the BBC trying to kid, they are trying to portray Bush as some kind of reasonable person who will engage in long and sincere discussion on the matter. It's obvious he is going to appoint a loony idealogue to the position. The Supreme Court was always going to be the biggest casualty of the Bush re-election. He can screw up the US economy. He can screw up the world environment. He can screw up world peace. But all those can be fixed within a matter of a decade after he leaves office. Unfortunately his pick (or picks) to the Supreme Court will ruin America for a generation and more. The crazies not only run the White House and Congress, they are now going to run the Supreme Court.

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