Azara Blog: A14 upgrade will increase traffic in Cambridge

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Date published: 2005/07/07

The Cambridge Evening News says:

The proposed A14 upgrade could have serious impacts on the level of traffic coming into Cambridge.

Projected figures show traffic using Huntingdon Road - one of the city's major arteries - could increase by more than 40 per cent if the A14 were improved.

The figures were requested by county councillor Julian Huppert and supplied by W S Atkins, a consultant for the Highways Agency.

They reveal an average of 13,835 vehicles travelled along Huntingdon Road, which leads to and from the A14, on an average day in 2003.

For 2025 the projected figure is 15,876 - an increase of 14.8 per cent - if the Structure Plan proposals were implemented (guided bus, Northstowe development and A428 improvement) but not the A14 upgrade.

The projected figure for 2025 with the Structure Plan proposals and A14 upgrade is 19,894 - an increase of 43.8 per cent on the 2003 figure.

Coun Huppert, who sits on the Cambridge traffic management area joint committee, said: "I am really quite worried. I think it would be very bad for people in Cambridge. We certainly do not need a huge increase in cars coming into the city.

"I am concerned about the safety record on the A14 and I would not say stop the whole scheme, but we need to have something that does not create more suffering."

Let's see, the widening of the A14 is supposed to add more traffic to the road. Yet a county councillor is amazed that this might mean more traffic on one of the roads connected to the A14?? Perhaps this is why local politicans seem to be constantly amazed that shutting down Silver Street has reduced the amount of traffic on Silver Street. And interesting that only (the posh) Huntingdon Road is mentioned, after all, who cares if the plebs along Histon Road or Milton Road or Newmarket Road see more traffic, as long as the rich residents of Cambridge can live in peace.

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