Azara Blog: G8 ends with a whimper

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Date published: 2005/07/08

The BBC says:

The G8 leaders have promised a "new dialogue" on climate change.

Their communiqué, released at the end of the Gleneagles summit, states that global warming is a "serious long-term challenge" for the entire planet.

And the nations promised to act with "resolve and urgency" to reduce the gas emissions thought responsible - but they specified no targets or timetable.

Instead, the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says the G8 countries will meet in November for further discussions.

Environmental action groups expressed their disappointment at the outcome of the summit. They said the Scottish event had been a "missed an opportunity".

The so-called environmentalists are, as usual, taking the piss. The G8 summit is nothing but window dressing and the idea it would ever have produced a complete change of direction is at best stupid. And what with the London bomb nobody really cares about the G8 any more in any case (until the next one), and the so-called environmentalists and other G8 lobbyists have lost their big free soap box which they have been enjoying the last few weeks.

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