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Date published: 2005/07/09

The BBC says:

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has said there is no evidence the attacks on London were carried out because of the UK's role in the Iraq war.

He said the bombers wanted to destroy the "very essence of our society".

Mr Clarke said: "There is no evidence [it] had anything to do with the Iraq war... of course it may have done and we'll have to see."

Anti-war MP George Galloway has said Londoners "had paid the price" of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Clarke told the BBC that any conflicts or wars could increase tensions, but said those tensions could exist anyway.

He said: "The fact is that the people who make these kind of attacks are about destroying the very essence of our society: our democracy, our media, our multicultural society and so on.

"That's not about Iraq or any other particular foreign policy issue, it's about a fundamentalist attack on the way we live our lives."

Well Clarke is mostly making sense, but in a too-clever-by-half fashion common amongst Westminister politicians. The British presense in Iraq certainly increased the likelihood of a terrorist incident, whether or not one believes it was the real justification or just a convenient excuse.

At least Clarke is on better ground that Blair. The BBC recounts an interview with Blair which touched on the Iraq theme:

[ Blair ] argued the "worst terrorist atrocity" - the 11 September attacks - came before the Iraq war.

What Blair was trying to do (which the BBC fails to mention) is to imply, like Clarke, that the London bomb could not just be seen as a reaction to British involvement in Iraq, since 9/11 happened before it. What is he talking about? Why should the reasons for the London bomb and 9/11 be the same? Nobody except Bush and Blair try to link Iraq and 9/11 (this is of course one of the many fatuous reasons given for launching the illegal war against Iraq). Is Blair just tired (probably) or is he going off the deep end?

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